I’m an attorney in IP/life science/tech. I went from a small regional school into biglaw, I wrote about my setbacks and successes. As a result of that work, I can live comfortably off of my savings and investments, here’s how I did it. And here’s what every attorney should know about investing.

If you’re interested in taking control of your career and your job search, here’s an overview of how to reach out to attorneys. Once you understand that approach, then you can build your relationships with attorneys. Think of relationships as a practice, not an outcome.

I’ve distilled the insights from how I built my legal career into a short, actionable guide to build your own legal network. You can read a chapter for free here: how to build conversations into industry knowledge. Here’s what I’ve learned from writing a book.

As an adjunct to my guide, here’s an overview of a simple CRM I made for lawyers and law students:

To get a copy of the CRM, sign up here: